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EFP is powered by a group of young dynamic leaders who are seeking a Friendly Environment “SAFE” community to households and corporate users without forcing people to do a dramatic change in their lifestyle.

Our Vision

Serve the planet with Environment Friendly Product “EFP” while helping people to enjoy a “SAFE” and healthy life style.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality biodegradable plastic product to customers in Egypt & worldwide, manufactured by “SAFE”, Eco-friendly & premium materials, designed smartly for customer satisfaction and environment protection.

Believing that we can enjoy our life while being “SAFE”, clean & healthy, in the same time we do not have to harm other living creatures in the process.

Seeking a Friendly Environment is not just the name of the products rather our life long motto that we aspire to pass to next generation.

From a profound concept that we can’t treat today’s problems with yesterday’s methods, SAFE has emerged as an environment friendly household products to offer a solution to world’s current environment crisis.

Using biodegradable raw material, our products are environment friendly to be safe on wildlife and environment, while not compromising household’s heavy duty quality.

Our Products

Durable & biodegradable plastic bags

T-Shirt Supermarket bags (Plain & Branded)

Garbage Rolls

Heavy Duty Bags

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